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  • Fiscal benefits (exemptions from any tax burden for FDI, VAT and specific local taxes)
  • Free of custom duties on import of goods, equipment and raw material used in exporting production and construction material for building of infrastructure
  • Financial benefits (free cash flow)
  • Efficient administration (one stop shop)
  • Simple and fast customs procedures (each zone has a Customs Administration Office)
  • Local subsidies for using free zone infrastructure (Community offers low prices and service cost)
  • A set of services is available to users under preferential terms (transportation, loading, reloading, freight forwarding services, insurance and banking services)

Advantages of investing in Serbia

  • The intersection of Pan-European corridors no. 10 and no. 7 gives Europe an easy access to Middle East.
  • Interim Trade Agreement with EU
  • Free Trade Agreement with Russian Federation (0% customs rate)
  • Free Trade Agreement CEFTA
  • Free Trade Agreement with EFTA
  • Free Trade Agreement with Belarus
  • FreeTrade Agreement with Turkey
  • Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan
  • Corporate profit tax is a one of the lowest in Europe - 15%


Law on VAT Convencies

  • In the free zone VAT is not paid for the goods provided for performing business activity, for which the taxpayer would have the prior tax deduction right in case of providing those goods for its operational needs out of the zone.
  • VAT is not paid for providing to free zone users the transport and other services directly related to carrying in the goods into free zones, for purpose of performing business activities.
  • General conveniences of VAT exemptions
    • For the goods temporarily imported within the customs procedure and actively refined with the storing system;
    • For the goods temporarily imported and exported in unchanged conditions;
    • For the goods for which the processing procedure has been approved under customs control;
    • For the goods for which storing procedure has been approved;
    • For the goods exempted from paying of customs duties and dues, on the basis of Law on Customs;
  • VAT-exempted services to users:
    • Free zone area tenancy: open and closed storage, area for performing production and office activities;
    • Goods loading, reloading, unloading services;
    • International transport of goods related to import and export;
    • Intermediary services.

The Market

  • An access to another market of 150 million users is enabled by signing the free trade agreement with Russia.
  •  Serbia is in the middle of the South East Europe Free Trade Agreement that provides duty-free access to a market of 55 million people
  • Consistent growth of GDP points to the expansion of the market
  • Serbia is rich with young, perspective graduates who are ready to get involved in various business projects.

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.