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Free Zone "Pirot":

  • TIGAR TYRES - production of pneumatics
  • TIGAR OBUĆA – production of rubber footwear
  • TIGAR TEHNIČKA GUMA – rubber products
  • ELISA PRO – herbal and cosmetic products
  • TERI ENGINEERING- End-to-End solutions
  • E. MIROGLIO – textile industry
  • D-COMPANY - production of tools for rubber industry

Free Zone ,,Subotica’’

  • SIEMENS LOHER ELECTRO – production of wind turbine parts and electric motors
  • AMETEK – production of blinds motors
  • NORMA GROUP – products for industrial purpose
  • CONTITECH FLUID SERBIA - production of components for the automotive industry
  • SWAROVSKI - jewelry production
  • PLASTIKCAM EAST – production of plastic components
  • ZOPPAS – production of heating elements
  • B+B SENSOR SOLUTIONS - production of high quality temperature probes and thermocouple connectors

Free Zone ,,Novi Sad’’

  • BELARUS-AGROPANONKA - assembling and tractor storiging
  • NIS GAZPROM NEFT - Oil Refinery Novi Sad (part of the complex)
  • LEAR CORPORATION – automotive seating and e-systems production
  • ALEX FASHION – manufacture of men's and women's underwear, pajamas and swimwear
  • AGROPANONKA MZT FINKE – import, distribution and assembly of tractors

Free Zone ,,Zrenjanin’’

  • KOLPA - production of bathtubs, showers, saunas and bathroom furniture
  • LK АRMATURE - production of steel pipes
  • DRAEXLMAIER - production of parts for the auto industry
  • TECHNOSTRUCTURE - production of steel structures

Free Zone ,,Šabac’’

  • SBE SRBIJA ( ČLAN VESCOVINI GROUP) – production of car parts
  • HEALTHCARE EUROPE – production of memory and PU foam
  • YAZAKI SRBIJA – production of power distribution systems in the automotive industry
  • VOPACHEL – production of low and high density polyethylene intended for the industrial packaging sector
  • CAMOZZI SRB – production of pneumatic components
  • ODS TECHNOLOGY – metal processing
  • CG FOODS EUROPE – production of instant noodles

,,FAS Free Zone’’ Kragujevac

  • FIAT AUTOMOBILI SRBIJA – car industry
  • MAGNETI MARELLI - design and production of high technology and components for the automotive industry
  • MAGNETI MARELLI AUTOMOTIVE – production of parts and accessories for the automotive industry
  • SIGIT – production of rubber and plastic parts
  • ADIENT INTERIORS – production of accessories for the automotive industry
  • ADIENT SEATING – production of automotive equipment
  • PMC AUTOMOTIVE – production of suspension systems and chassis assemblies

Free Zone ,,Užice’’

  • VALJAONICA BAKRA SEVOJNO – cooper production
  • IMPOL SEVAL – aluminum processing
  • IMPOL SEVAL TEHNIKA – design and production of parts, assemblies, machines and equipment
  • ATLAS - furniture production
  • COPPER COM - trade and production of copper

Free Zone ,,Smederevo’’

  • METECH - sheet metal products
  • PKC WIRING SYSTEMS - production of cable sets for commercial vehicles
  • KAIZEN – textile industry
  • SERVFOOD – processing fish
  • ROSA CETENE – production of fly roller, agriculture and scraper chains
  • CARBOTECH INDUSTRIE – production of electric motors, generators and transformers
  • MAYEKAWA SRB – production of freezing and compression technologies
  • KOEPFER – production of car parts

Free Zone ,,Kruševac’’

  • TRAYAL KORPORACIJA - production of rubber and chemical products

Free Zone ,,Svilajnac’’

  • PANASONIC LIGHTING DEVICES SERBIA – lighting solutions, LED lighting
  • VOSSLOH-SCWABE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH – electronic components for the lighting industry
  • S.H.E. SUPERIOR HEATING ELEMENTS – electric heating solutions

Free Zone ,,Beograd’’

  • MEI TA EUROPE – producing automotive parts, engine parts and general industrial parts
  • THERMAMAX – production of car equipment

Free Zone ,,Priboj’’

  • REFISA BALKAN – production of plastic parts in the composites sector
  • MHT PRODUCTS – production of air conditioning and cooling devices
  • WOODY WORLD – production of prefabricated houses
  • FLEX AKADEMY – production of steel pipes

Free Zone ,,Apatin’’

  • LUMBERLINE - furniture production

Free Zone ,,Šumadija’’

  • YANFENG AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR SYSTEM - production of car parts

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.