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Слободне зоне - презентација

Legal ground for Free zones

Bearing in mind the historical development of free zones and their evolution and hefty expansion in the last decades of the twentieth century, we observe that the initial idea of “economic easement” in favor of other countries, as well as the legal setting developed on bilateral or multilateral contracts, has given way to national laws on free zones. Every country regulates, by its own laws, the degree of freedom and conveniences offered to foreign, and not infrequently, to its own investors.

The statutory system regulating free zones in Serbia exists through the Law on Free Zones ( “Official Gazette RS” No. 62/06) and Customs Law (“Official Gazette RS”, No. 73/2003, 61/2005, 85/2005-other law and 63/2006- corrected other law), as well as through subordinate legal acts delegated to these laws. Individual issues related to the zones operation are considered in special laws, system laws for some other areas, such as taxes, foreign exchange policies, construction, insurance, etc.

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.