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Free zone "Belgrade"

The city of Belgrade has an extremely favorable geographical position. City is founded at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. Its routes leading via the Morava-Vardar and Nišava-Marica valleys to the Aegean coast, to Asia Minor and to the Middle East. Belgrade lies on the Danube waterway, which connects the Western and Central European countries with the countries of Southeastern Europe. The Danube flows through 60 km of Belgrade area, while the Sava covers 30km. The riverbanks in the Belgrade urban area are 200 km long.

  • At its meeting of 23rd October 2015, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Decision on approval for determination of the area of Free Zone „Belgrade“, in Belgrade.
  • Free zone covers an area of 98ha 31a 44m²,
  • Free Zone includes two locations:
    - „Barič“, location intended for the production activities,
    - „Reva“, location intended for the logistic activities.
  • Location Barič is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Obrenovac, on the area of Holding company “Prva Iskra” a.d. Barič, and it is equipped with the infrastructure. It covers an area of 41 ha 64a 40m².
  • Location Reva is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Palilula, and includes the necessary infrastructure. It covers an area of 56ha 67a 04m².


Free Zone Beograd

Слободна зона Београд 2015

Address: Kraljice Marije 1/XVII, 11000 Beograd

Director: Slobodan Mišković

Phone: + 381 64 8018 666

email: slobodnazonabgd@gmail.com

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.